What to expect from a medium session with Angelique
Whether choosing the option to connect with loved ones who have crossed over or you are seeking guidance from spirit, both are very similar in how I work mediumistically. During each chosen session (a spiritual mediumship session or an intuitive guidance session) or a mix of both, I work as a channel of light, a messenger and translator for the spirit realm. I receive these messages by using several forms of communication such as: clairvoyance / clear seeing, clairsentience / knowing-feeling and clairaudience / hearing. Note, these sessions are NOT about me. It’s important for me to share that I work with integrity and honesty. If I do not hear, see or feel a specific message coming through—I will never make something up. It is also important to ask that before scheduling a session and during that you have an open mind and heart because these sessions take great effort for your loved ones to connect with me energetically and the intention is always to bring guidance, love and healing where it’s needed and communicated from spirit.

Email Readings
These sessions are perfect for those who are unavailable for a phone or Skype session and it allows you to receive a session from anywhere in the world, at anytime. When purchasing an email session it is good to have 1-2 questions in mind. I ask that you give as little information in the questions as possible to allow spirit to share with you as much evidence as possible.

Please note: I believe in free will and prior to any session I set the intention that any information that comes through is for your most highest and best self. During an intuitive guidance session with me, it will not result in decision making for you or future telling. I also cannot guarantee that you will receive communication from any one person in particular or that the answers you seek will be addressed. All sessions are not recorded, but you may of course, take notes. All sessions are completely confidential. No records are kept — the information you receive is strictly your own.  

If you are interested in events or group reading rates, please email me at: themediumroast@yahoo.com

All payments can be made via PayPal at the time of confirmed scheduled appointment.

Disclaimer: All services are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only. Angelique and themediumroast.com accepts no liability or responsibility for any actions or decisions any client chooses to take based off all reading sessions. The services provided are not intended or will ever take the place of professional services including but not limited to: medical, legal, financial, business or psychological advice.