"Don't tell me, just think of who you want to hear from"

I was on the fence as a believer / non believer in the spiritual gifts of a medium. Let me just say, I am a believer. There are people who have these gifts and those that don't. Well, Angelique has that gift and connected with 3 family members. She did not even ask who I wanted to reach, I remember her specific words "Don't tell me, just think of who you want to hear from". At first, a very strong spirit presence came through, and she said "This person is jumping and shouting to talk with you, its a female energy, a strong female energy. Angelique proceeded to tell me very specific details that she would not have known on her own. And her validation confirmed this was my Mom, even by identifying that my Mom hated her given first name. Then Angelique provided very specific facts to confirm that this was my mother, even identifying specific events that occurred many years prior to the internet. I was then able to communicate with my grandfather and a son that had passed.

I cannot express in words how capable she is and her gifts of mediumship and
connection to spirit are amazing. —Michael OHIO