it's all beautiful baby, all beautiful.

Sometimes it’s all you can do but cry. You feel alone, scared, nowhere to go. What you gotta do is release your mind child. Like a million butterflies taking off for flight at the same time. Attach your worries and watch them fly away with the beauty and grace of God. That’s where they belong, not with you. You worry way too much about a large dose of nothin’. From where I sit, and what I see, it’s all beautiful baby, all beautiful. —spirit through angelique

where light enters…

Light enters where a world sits in stillness. Crying to be heard, it shouts for forgiveness and asks for redemption. Why must this place smell of darkness and shadow? Be like the seedling forcing its way to reach the sun, for it too shall feel warmth in due time. We are all connected love. the dark, the light. One cannot survive without the other, this is where we grow, where we remember who we truly are. You are loved pet. We see you. -spirit through angelique