the finder of things, the keeper of keys.

You are the finder of things, the keeper of keys. giggling to harry potter reference. what if its all worth nothing? don’t fret at the notion, hear me out. It’s not my love, in essence the “nothingness” but it always seems to create an everythingness. so small and insignificant in the grand scheme of things. the worry, the stress you put on your bodies, for what? find your place in this world by being you. let your light shine and be brave every single day. I know it has been hard and in ways that cannot be perceived from the outside world. There are lessons to be learned still and to be conquered, and you will conquer them. you are fierce my darling with a capital F. Don’t worry about the others, they are not the light to guide your way, you are. stand tall and stop worrying so much. you are loved pet, loved with a capital L. —spirit through angelique

know your worth

Why the importance of feeling valued when all it takes is to be you? Do you understand my love? I am not negating the word or it’s meaning, but the significance behind it. If you look up the definition value, you’re adding benefit to something, correct? or something along those lines. So what I say to you is, what are you adding that is benefit to yourself NOT what comes from an external source. This is difficult, I know. Being human is fun, isnt it? Know your worth, stand behind your convictions and bulldoze through the minutia of BS and do your thing. It’s not about anyone else but you. Keep working on your why and look no further than your reflection in the mirror love. —spirit through angelique