false. evidence. appearing. real.

FEAR. We’ve made it such a crappy word, havent we? We make up these stories in our mind that push us down, hold us back and allow the lies to prevent the life that we know we are truly meant to live. (false evidence appearing real) Not too long ago, I printed out this illustration that is now taped over my desk. (see image) It’s an angel gently holding the face of a demon. What I loved the most about it, is that you don’t see the fear--only love, kindness and compassion. The demon isn’t trying to scare her off, manipulate or decieve her. Instead, you see and feel a sense of surrender, acceptance and forgiveness. I can’t express how relevant this is for me in my life right now and OH, how I knowwww, I’m going to have to dig deep and reach into places of myself that are going to kick my comfort zone in the ass. But, what if.... like the illustration, instead of fearing that space inside myself, I hold it gently by the face, showing it love, kindness and compassion? What if...it becomes a catalyst for the life that I am meant to live, knowing that it will drive me if we allow it to? What if... fear like all emotions becomes a best friend, giving me the courage to leap, to be okay when I fall, because I know I am going to pick myself back up and to keep going no matter what. What if. Just, what if? —Angelique Illustration source: Bethaleil @deviantart