It's really not about me. 

I think it's pretty clear that I love coffee. I love being connected to spirit and I love love love being a vessel for healing. As most stories go for those who are awakened to the path as a medium/healer, mine goes little something like this... At a young age, I use to see spirits in my bedroom, things I couldn't explain (told I had an overactive imagination & I was just dreaming) Well, being a true scaredy cat, I hid under my covers A LOT and blocked it all (so I thought) until I turned 43 and was going through a divorce and that all changed. I have been so blessed in having been able to work closely with several brilliant and renowned spiritual teachers to show me the way and now, at age 50, and with 7 years of a large dose of WOW and Whaaaaa??? I'm taking a larger leap and listening to spirit and getting off my butt and doing something about it. The human side of me knows how scary this is. I have a short attention span, sometimes lacking in confidence, I'm a closet skeptic and to top it off... I'm highly empathic and that alone is like, wait... was that my energy or yours? Hence, the multiple puns in the word ROAST. This life is too short not to laugh (especially at ourselves), to love deeply, heal, live with purpose and always having kindness in our hearts.