This is me. <3

I think it's pretty clear that I love coffee. I love being connected to spirit and I love love LOVE being a vessel for healing. 

At a young age I would see things that I couldn't explain and was told by my family that I had an overactive imagination, to go back to sleep, that I was dreaming, etc… So, naturally out of fear, I blocked all of it until a series of life events started to unfold at age 43. It’s funny how when I reflected back on things, it is only then that I was able to see the actual strength that I never thought I had and realized how beautifully protected and guided I truly was. This was the beginning of my awakening. I started to open up more, not only to the development of a stronger understanding of self, but with my connection to spirit as well. My intuition and my mediumship abilities started to blossom through my daily meditation, great mentoring and continued weekly & annual participation in workshops with both renowned and truly gifted mediums and healers. The crazy thing is, I've always been a total closet skeptic “not so much now” but to top it off... I'm highly empathic (which means I feel EVERYTHING) and that alone is like, wait... was that my energy or yours? But I am reminded, this lifetime I chose to live is too short not to keep smiling and laughing (sometimes at ourselves), to continue taking risks, remain curious, love deeply, heal, live with purpose and always, always have kindness and compassion in our hearts.