I know “the (medium) roast” It’s sounds a bit gimmicky, but what can I say, I love coffee! I love being connected to spirit and I love, love, love being a vessel for healing.

And, this is my story.

I feel like almost every kid could say that they saw or feared things that they couldn’t explain as a child. You know, the usual suspects, monsters in your closet, zombies under your bed, or in my case it was a little girl who use to run around my nightstand. To this day I have no idea who that little girl in spirit was. But for me, she was very real and being honest, I spent most of my childhood hiding under my blankets, like a lot. So, of course, out of fear, I blocked it out of my mind or so I thought, until a series of life events started to unfold at age 43.

Forty-threeeeee! what? now? why? midlife crisis? Noooo, okay maybe. But this was for sure the beginning of my awakening, my time to emerge and maybe spirit saying enough is enough already, lets get to work!

Let me start by saying that this awakening, the journey to “self” (insert added air quotes) is like making the decision to take the road to the left because there are fun catchy cartoon songs, bright sunny days and cute little forest critters running all about (my interpretation). Laughing, because well, it is like that and then you start to do the work. Not laughing. All of those layers of “your stuff” that you’ve decided to hold onto so tightly in a precious box with a bow, they slowly start to be released, one by one and bubble to the surface. Ohhhh but wait, there’s more. You now have to deal with it. heal with it. And, let it go!!! Yes, yes and YES! And just when you say to yourself.. okay, I’m good. I think I’m done now. The laughing gets louder. This is serious business! All of a sudden, you are required to be 100% accountable for your own happiness, your own choices and consequences and lets not forget in the midst of all of this are other humans and relationships to tend to. You want to crawl into a cave, hide and never come out, you are pushed, tested and the wake up calls are sometimes like a roaring bugle at 4am (literally) but the pay off is unlike any other choice you can make for your highest and best self. It feels AMAZING and you can’t look back, you just can’t. It’s not possible. This is not like losing 20 lbs and hoping it will stay off. This is permanent life changes that stay with you, for a better, stronger, more beautiful you from a deep soul level. period.

So, to conclude and sum up my now (re)awakened abilities and I do believe a stronger continually better and new improved me. I have been gifted as I believe we all are, the ability to hear, feel and see the spirit world. I do admit, I still get a little freaked out over opened closet doors and the possibility of seeing grandma at the end of my bed in the middle of the night, but so far so good. But, when I sit down with someone whether in person or over the phone and I am able to share healing messages from spirit that brings insight, clarity and peace into their life, spirit always delivers. It’s nothing short of miracles in my book and nothing, absolutely NOTHING can replace that feeling of knowing you’ve helped someone feel a little lighter that day. I am beyond humbled and forever grateful to be a part of something so much bigger than I could ever dream of.

With love,